1 New Yorker (via Tokyo) + 1 Bostonian (via SoCal) venturing all the culinary world has to offer, starting with the local cuisine.

We have open minds & very open palates, so please feel free to submit suggestions of places we should give a go!

Each dining experience can earn up to 3 munching mice, based on a rating of service, taste, + ambiance.

Rouge Tomate | Upper East Side, NY

our meal:
appetizers_ Hawaiian Walu Ceviche; Chickpea Hummus; Upstate Farms Lettuces and Fresh Herbs

entrees_ Winter Squash Agnolotti
        _ Squab “En Sous Vide”

dessert_ “PB&J”; Rosemary Scented Polenta Cake (pictured above)

Lots of unique gems throughout the meal. The cuisine demonstrated unique twists on familiar dishes - especially the ceviche and winter squash pasta. Although we didn’t go with the NY Restaurant Prefix; no regrets. It was great and well worth the price. Humble, but filling portions.

rating: 3 munching mice

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